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I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Today we are going to talk about fashion, my style, your style, your friends style and your grandmothers…. lol I’m kidding.  If you read my previous post I kind of left you hanging on what my personal style is because I felt like I needed to give you a better understanding of what it is, and how it has changed over time and I just felt like I could not sum it up in a few words. Here we go….

My personal style has actually evolved quite a bit over time, because I have been dancing all my life I’ve pretty much been living in lulu lemon leggings since the age of four. After that it evolved into a weird phase where I would only wear super bright colours with the black leggings of course cause you know those stayed around for some time and were way too expensive to just let them collect dust, that lasted until I reached high school. High school was a strange long four years, my school had a uniform of a white polo and black dress pants and to add my own twist to it I decided to wear a different scarf EVERY DAY… I am not kidding. I currently still own a ridiculous amount of scarves because of this and guess how many of them I wear now….. one, I only wear a single black scarf out of the colourful piles (insert walk of shame here). Sooooo that whole phase happened and now we are at university, it has been quite a weird, adventurist sort of style combinations that I have created over the past four year. First and second year consisted of black on black, literally zero colour, third year I began to try adding small pops of colour here and there but still kept true to my black on black favourites. Now in my fourth and graduating year  I have finally found a style that works for me whewww!!!  I call this style “I wear whatever the fuck I want to wear”. A friend of mine actually sent this saying to me and it couldn’t of been more true. I want to say I wear a combination of boho, 90’s mom grunge attire if that even makes sense, I am no fashionista when it comes to what things are actually called but that is how I describe it. On a daily one can catch me in a pair of high waisted levi mom jeans with a baggy sweater topped with a nice big fluffy scarf and whatever vans I am into at the moment.

Below are just some photos of what I wear and how my outfits change from time to time. Now that you know about my style, I would love to know what is yours ?! Maybe you have some cool ideas that I may enjoy who knows, so leave a comment below if you’d like about your personal style 🙂













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