The evolution of my face …lol

Hey new friends,

I hope you are having a glorious Friday.

Today is all about photography and how bad I am at it. I’m kidding I like to think sometimes I capture some pretty cool things but I’ll let you be the judge at that, my instagram page is @vickdicarlo. While you are there a follow would be nice too lol I am completely kidding you do not need to do any of the above (unless you’d like to of course) and if you still don’t well I will just continue on with my story before you leave my page.

Any who, so photography is a tricky one and especially if you are just running off your good old iphone it can either be magical or a good old disaster. Below is an example of the process of getting a decent photo, now before you start judging, the lovely photographer of this “evolution” is my super cool awesome boyfriend so lets be nice to him.

Example 1. I call this The Evolution of my face


Time to analyze this…

So working from the top left photos across to the right, from there we go down the left vertical photos and we end at the big feature photo (I hope you’re all still with me). Starting from the top left photo we see a very anxious unhappy Victoria waiting for her matcha tea latte that she has just ordered and all of a sudden BANG that frown has been turned upside down with the arrival of her latte, doesn’t she look like a happy camper. The End!

HAHA so yeah, that is the evolution of my face expressed through photos.  I hope (think) you all can relate to this experience while taking your selfies because we all know that is not an easy process. Also I am currently looking to purchase a professional camera of any sorts, so if any of you lovely humans have any recommendations that would be a wonderful help. Happy Friday !






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