Day dates

Hello new friends,

I hope something awesome happens to you today because you deserve that shit.

While I sit here waiting for this charcoal face mask that I am wearing to dry we are going to talk all about day dates. The reason as to why this comes up is because my bf and I finally had a day off to do this the other day and it was wonderful. We grabbed some food at a yummy little cafe on Queen West called Death In Venice, and I do apologize I totally did not save all the beautiful good pictures 😦 Another reason why I am bringing this up because I want to know ladies what your opinions are about them. And if there is any gentlemen out there reading this what are your thoughts? I personally think they’re a really cute idea to do because all the cute little shops are stilling open and then she can go and tell all her friends how amazing your day went (or not whoops).

Below is just a few of the shots that I managed to save from the day.



img_0762 // made this new friend in a cozy cafe 


Brandy Melville Queen St // and also because this image captures a lot of places that relate to my life in terms of where I am and where my friends are located at the moment shoutout to my bffl Rac  


img_0781 // always working 



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