Hey guys,

I hope you are having a wonderful icy Tuesday. My work got cancelled tonight because of the freezing rain, so I now have time to do everything but my homework (that also includes this post). Today we are going to be chit chatting about music! To me music is just as important as dance is in my life, it surrounds us everywhere we go, on the bus, on the subway, in your car, music is literally everywhere. You know the saying “music is my life”, well it actually is for me, dance and music are bffls, they work as a team to create this magical experience…lol it’s true. So below I have a list of the most recently played songs on my ipod (iphone). I don’t even know what they are combination of except of some new radio stuff, artists in which you may not know nor like, and some good old classical contemporary dance music.

  1. Castle on the Hill -Ed Sheeran
  2. Bad Things – Camila Cabello and MGK
  3. Paris- The Chainsmokers
  4. Clairvoyant- The Story so Far
  5. If I’m Lucky- State Champs
  6. The Journey- Tom Misch
  7. December – Neck Deep

I’d love to know what you guys are into, and if there are any bands or artists that I should be checking out. I love any and every type of music (except country) so please do not be shy. 🙂



I took this shot in a flee market in Williamsburg, New York a few months ago

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