Hello babes,

So today we are going just jump right to it and talk all about Ikea! I fricken love ikea, they have coffee, food and will make you want to redecorate  your space every other week but that is okay. I spent my Saturday night browsing the complicated halls of this wonderful corporation. To me this is place that has it down to a science, they provide you with cheap food, amazing frozen yogurt and cinnamon buns and how can you not pay them back by browsing the store …as if that is not tempting by itself. Although on this occasion I actually had a reason to be there as I am currently re-decorating my room, but that’s not to say that in the summer you can still catch my mum and I making regular stops at Ikea just for some good old frozen yogurt.

Back to the redecorating thing…..a few years ago I redecorated my room to what was reflective of my style at the time which included a lot of black, and dark tones. I even took on the task of painting my own room, and lets just say it looks easier than it actually is. So this time around I decided to opt out of dealing with that again and to stick with the colours that I currently have and build from that (3 white walls and an accent burgundy wall). So where I plan to go with this room is kind of like boho meets rock, if that makes sense. I began with getting rid of my cheetah print sheets and swapped them out for a pair of light and airy floral set. A big reason as to why I love going to ikea for these sort of things is because instead of having to buy another giant blank and pillows Ikea tends to sell most of there textiles as “covers”, so by covers I mean its just like a zip up or buttons like your pants would do. It is a cover that goes right over you existing pillows and blankets, how easy right. I also enjoy that because it makes it in expensive and something that you can do more often without breaking the bank. I also grabbed a bohemian style carpet to set my record player up on, although I am still on a hunt for a stand for my record player that can double duty as a shoe rack since the space I am working with is not huge. That is actually something I have had to keep in mind while redecoration.

Since my room is not finished yet I don’t want to provide you guys with some half finished work, so below is just the patterns of the prints that I am currently working with . Hopefully it all works out in the end (fingers crossed).



Valloby // This is what record player is currently sitting on and as well I forgot to mention it also makes up my little yoga sanctuary that I have going on.
Stenort// This is the bedding that I was able to wrap over my old pillows and blankets. Love this stuff
Ofelia blanket// I also purchased this guy a throw on at the bottom of bed as shown in the picture. Makes a really nice clean finish on the days that I actually make my bed.



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