Mom jeans

Hey babes,

Hope your day is going wonderful!

I just want to start out with giving some snaps to the invention of mom jeans. When I say I owe 21+ pairs of jeans I all end up in my mom jeans aka my levi’s 560 I am not even kidding. I have a few of these bad boys and I am obsessed!!! Coming from the dance world I tend to gravitate towards you know the more comfy styled jeans but like to make an effort to make myself feel like a real human being sometimes, and to do so that is when the mom jeans come in hand. I dress them up, dress them down, they can do whatever you essentially want them to do. Recently I styled them for my Valentine’s day dinner with a cute pair of ankle booties in a shade of army green (they’re prettier in person) from Topshop, and I paired it with a long structured blowsy thingy from Aritzia and finished it with a sheer top and an embellished hand bag…how fab right haha. On the other note I like to pair these bad boys with an over sized shirt or sweater of any kind with a pair of vans and call it a day. As I explained in a previous post my style is about whatever is comfy or something that I can throw on real quick that is not leggings.

If you ask me these jeans are a staple in my wardrobe and I could not go on without out.. seriously. So go to your nearest thrift shop and shop away ma ladies, you will not regret this purchase.






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