Hot minute

Hey babes,

It has been a Hot Minute since my last post so I do sincerely apologize, school has been kicking my butt. I hope you all have been doing well, and been having a wonderful life since our last “chat”, but now I am back as I finish school in a week (praise to all the gods possible) and I will be coming back stronger than ever because sooo much has happened. Let’s just jump back into it 🙂

A few weeks ago I found myself taking a road trip with some super cool humans to Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario. Of course there was a reasoning for me to adventure off to an even colder part of Canada, and that would be Homesick. Homesick is a weekly Emo night that runs in Toronto by my super cool boyfriend (since he’ll be reading this hello Joseph) haha. Any who, so this was an interesting weekend for sure. We went from a super awesome “bear cave” airbnb in Montreal, to the house straight out of a murder mystery scene in Ottawa in which we left upon arrival due to reasonings that should not be brought up ever again… I’m not kidding.

Below are just a few snaps of my wild weekend. Although, unfortunately we did not make it out to all the awesome vintage stores that Montreal is known for, but hey if any of you awesome humans do please do share your vintage finds with me <3. Well that is all for now. Chat you babes soon 🙂



I think this one is self explanatory LOL


From left to right : Misha/ Megg/ Joey/ Me


The one and only Shayna.. can we also acknowledge that highlight

He just loves taking photos with me ….


Trash Bar // Montreal, Quebec


The one and only “Bear Cave” 


En route to Le pick up // this is a must if you ever find yourself in Montreal. It was the strangest little convenience store that also sells food and oh my goodness lets just say I’m still thinking about my burger and fries


Just a bunch of tired hams at a rock concert lol


The Ottawa girl gang // Danielle/ Me/ Shayna/ Roxy


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